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2014 Adelante Awards - Friday, April 25th


The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce presents its annual Adelante Awards, recognizing the achievements of individuals, entrepreneurs and corporations in the metro St. Louis Area. In keeping with the Chamber's mission, the awards focus on Hispanic businesses and professionals as well as on non-Hispanic companies and individuals that have made a significant contribution to the community at large.


For more information click here.


May's Lunch & Learn - Development Resources for Small Businesses

Join us on Wednesday, May 14th from 11:30 am - 1:00 pm at the HCC's Centene Technology Center.


In this session you will hear about the 8(a) Business Development Program from the Small Business Association. This program is an important resource for small businesses seeking business-development assistance. The 8(a) program also helps companies gain access to federal and private procurement markets through supporting and focusing on the following developmental elements; mentoring, procurement assistance, business counseling, training, financial assistance, surety bonding, and other management and technical assistance. PRESENTED BY: Gary Alexander, Small Business Administration.


As always lunch will be provided just don't forget to RSVP!


*Streaming capabilities are now available, please reach out to Vianey Beltran at vbeltran@hccstl.com for more information.

Business to Business Roundtable

Join us next Tuesday from 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm at our Business to Business Roundtable, where business owners and entrepreneurs can come and make connections and find new outlets for their services. The roundtable is looking for people who are in the construction, real estate, and IT industry.


Small Business Assistance

Every Tuesday, a bilingual SMALL BUSINESS MENTOR is available by appointment at 314-664-4432 to answer questions about your small business issues or to assist with business start-up. Mentors are provided by SCORE and sponsored by the US Small Business Administration.

ALSO - Check out upcoming SCORE workshops and register today! For more information visit the website.

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