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The objective of the Hispanic Chamber is to promote and support Hispanic small businesses through programs, services, and legislative advocacy. 


Over the past twelve months, the Hispanic Chamber successfully launched the Cenetene Technology Center, equipped with 30 computers provided by a grant from AT&T, and is delivering programs, seminars, and other appropriate education and training sessions that help Hispanic entrepreneurs compete and thrive in the new economy. The individual rooms at the Technology Center, including a conference room, visiting office, a seminar room and a small computer lab are all available to members free of charge during business hours.


The Hispanic Chamber is also working with city, county, and state government to craft laws and policies that allow Hispanic businesses a fair chance to start and thrive. We have started the Hispanic Speakers Series, highlighting Hispanic individuals that are having a positive impact on the region, and we are working with our partner organizations to provide free legal and financial advice monthly at the Technology Center.


These are just a few examples of how the Hispanic Chamber works for its members. Come join us!  And if you are a new, Hispanic-owned business that started in the last three years, you can join the Chamber free for one year.


For more information, please contact the Hispanic Chamber's office, at 314-664-4432, or by email at staff@hccstl.com


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Corporate Membership

Corporate membership in the Chamber promotes and reinforces your organization’s relationship with the Hispanic community by creating opportunities for Hispanic small business owners and entrepreneurs in the metro St. Louis area. Specifically, your membership allows the Chamber to acquire a significant part of the funding necessary to create and run business programs at the Centene Technology Center, which supports the Hispanic business community and creates new employees and vendors for your corporation. Through the Chamber's Web site, Facebook page, and Twitter account, your company receives excellent and widespread publicity, as well as the ability to disseminate your own content through newsletter articles and your own page on this site.  Our events, all of which you are a sponsor through your corporate membership, provide yet another source of connectivity (our last Hispanic Speakers Series event, for example, was covered by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the St. Louis Business Journal, KWMU, KMOX, and by all of our local Latino media outlets).


Our 180 members, many of which are small businesses and represent a large part of the spectrum of cultures that collectively in the United States are referred to as Hispanic, increasingly look to the Hispanic Chamber to take the lead on issues such as minority contracting opportunities, immigration reform, health care costs, tax relief, and a host of other factors affecting small business. The Hispanic Chamber has worked very hard to improve its ability to respond to these needs and, with the steadfast support of key corporate partners, we have made real strides. We hope you will join us in our efforts for 2012. If you require any additional information, please contact Karlos Ramirez, the Hispanic Chamber's Executive Director, at 314-664-4432, or via email at kramirez@hccstl.com