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Learn to Play Golf in 7 classes!

In 2022 we decided to open our Golf Clinic "Gals on Green" for women with the aim of ensure that Latinas and Hispanic entrepreneurs are having access to the same business circles as their non-Latino/Hispanic peers. And to benefit from the lessons that golf teaches, a sport often restricted due to high cost and lack of language inclusion.

With our clinic you can learn to get a hole-in-one on the green, and with your business.

This is a two-month program, starting in August and ending in September. Every class from 5:30- 6:30 pm


For more information, please contact Paola Read, Program Coordinator.

Thank you to our 2023 sponsors for making this clinic possible!



Thompson Coburn LLP


Missouri Historical Society

Carrollton Bank

Claudia Ochoa-Espejo

Ways to get involved in 2024:

golf clinic

Class of 2023


I am very new to the game of golf and this clinic gave me the opportunity to learn the basics from golf professionals. Getting 1:1 coaching gave me the tools I needed to improve, and we were able to share that improvement as a group as the weeks went by.  My favorite part was playing a round by the end of the clinic and being able to see how much everyone had improved. I gained knowledge on etiquette and terminology that I wouldn't have received if it wasn't for this clinic. 

With golf being more popular with men, I was a lot more comfortable learning alongside women at mu same skill level also working to improve their golf game. Another great result from this clinic was the networking and friendships that i was able to make meeting a variety of new people. We shared a fun experience together and I would definitely recommend it to other women considering the clinic in the future. 

Cynthia Menke
Project Manager Il,
Pavment Integritv. Centene Corporation


I am very new to the game of golf and this I am so glad to have been part of the girl's golf clinic. Golf used to be a male sport during the years and now women are becoming more relevant participating and representing our enormous talent and skills in this game.
Being part of a ladies' group was key for me and many of us to learn the basics from professional golfers. 1-1 Coaching, and learning from others, gave me the confidence to give golf an opportunity.
Each class I got the tools, and practice I needed to improve my technique, and as the weeks went by I started to feel more comfortable with the class.
I gained knowledge, terminology, and etiquette that I wouldn't have received if it wasn't for this clinic.
I do not want to lie and tell you that the after-class was not the best The networking where we shared what we learned,  our experiences, our achievements, and our challenges were so valuable, and making new friends were one of my favorite parts.
I would recommend it to any woman who's curious about golf and would like to have a fun, safe, and professional space, to consider being part of the clinic.

Ximena Vásquez
Realtor Broker with eXp Realty

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